April 2008

Seen in this picture here is Laguna Beach star, Kristin Cavallari entering a BMW 3 Series Coupe. She is yet another Hollywood personality to add to the list of stars-who-fave-BMWs. The BMW 3 Series was not new to the automotive industry. The first line of this make was produced in May 1975 as a successor to the 2002 coupe. This compact executive car now has five different incarnations with more than five different body styles. It is a no surprise to see Ms. Cavallari driving (owning?) one for herself. The car was a hit amongst different consumers, including the Hollywood peeps themselves. In fact, the BMW 3 Series is listed as the best selling BMW automobile with nearly 40% sales of the company in 2005.

BMW coupes have always been the most popular amongst the many BMW creations. The fascination by different enthusiasts and motorists over these automobiles can be traced back to as early as the 1930’s. Coupes were a symbol of sophistication and elegance to people who regard automobiles as more than just a form of convenient transportation mode. When BMW introduced the very BMW 327 coupe in 1938, it was widely appreciated and welcomed by the enthusiasts as a truly impeccable example of its excellent taste which remains up to this day.

The BMW 3 Series coupe has a 2008 model. The illustrious lines of this introduced the 2008 BMW 335xi with an all-wheel drive and powered by the 300-hp turbocharged N54 3-liter 6-cylinder engine. It is being referred to as the xDrive, being loaded with different capabilities and functionalities. Performance-wise, the BMW 3 Series coupes are equipped with a 6-speed STEPTRONIC automatic transmission. This is designed to give you more responsiveness, an innovation that enhances the car’s driving dynamics without ever sacrificing the very important aspect, fuel efficiency. The coupe is a friendly monster both on smooth, dry roads and wet, or snow-covered roads. It doesn’t matter because it readily sends out more torque with the right amount that proportions to the kind of road to the axle with more traction.

Aesthetics of this coupe is tops amongst the new car coupe models of today. It is instantly recognizable, even from your very first glance. From the way the manufacturer equipped it with high-end lighting components, integrated with defined curves and classic lines, you could never mistake a BMW 335xi for another. You would see the design of the lighting system, including its headlights, tail lights, and other interior lights as details that primarily make this coupe a very attractive and aesthetically-endowed creation. Even the mirrors are details that wow the audience because of the sheer classic and elegance that they chanced into this gorgeous BMW coupe. These two details, plus the myriad of wonderful things that BMW manufacturer engineered into this coupe are true unique elements that set it apart from the others. And that explains the elegance yet sporty-spirit of this BMW.

Knowing these capabilities and features, I am certain that Ms. Kristin Cavallari is quite satisfied with this coupe. You can have a proof by looking at the picture above. The lass is relatively young, yet it looks as if she knows what she is driving and knows what she wants by that. There are other equally popular stars known to sport a fascination over BMW coupes, one is Britney Spears, but this 21-yr old Laguna Beach starlet sure knows when is it time to own such a gorgeous and dynamic BMW coupe. By the way, for those interested, the BMW 3 Series prices range from $35,000 to more than $40,000, depending on the exact model. For this price range, there is a lot to expect from the 3 Series line of BMW.


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If you aren’t familiar with Rockwilder, he is yet another American hip hop artist who is brave enough to plunge deeper into the music industry to produce rhythm and blues music of different artists. He was the man responsible why some of the most popular songs of equally popular music artist themselves, like Busta Rhyme, Janet Jackson, Missy Eliott, Destiny’s Child, amongst others, were playing in the music stations and in your CD players. He went further and took his own record/production company, called Muzic Park Entertainment. Learning this man’s life story is a pretty much interesting read.

With being a native of Queens, New York, and an ardor dream to make it big into the music industry, he has a lot of stories of more than just idle daydreaming and focusing on his quest to significantly penetrate the industry to tell. Unarguably, Rockwilder is one of the most prolific artists and successful music producer in the current music world. With his gigantic achievements, he remains to be the same open-minded and down-to-earth guy that he is.

But going out of his biography topic, I wanted to talk about his equally interesting vehicle, the GMC Yukon. The vehicle seems to fit this music produ. In the picture above, the two rocks together. It is as if the GMC Yukon was designed to fit a man like Rockwilder. Because it is made a full-size SUV by the General Motors (GM) it has a lengthened wheelbase to serve well for its structural needs.

In the two pictures above, the 2001 GMC Yukon was covered to document the interior components Rockwilder has equipped it with. The music producer apparently has it heavy when it comes to entertainment section of this full-size SUV. At the console pictured above, it boasts of the various technologies which are obviously those only tech-geeks would ever love to have. The high-end techies are proudly beaming of what kind of lifestyle this man is favoring.

Just like any other younger men’s childish addiction to boy technology toys, Rockwilder lets out his boy side by deciding to put all those items. But, alas, all those you see at the picture are not installed not only for his own pleasure but directed too towards the needs of his younger companions on long trips. His kids, nephews, and all his other passengers are in his mind when he decided to let those gadgets and components installed at his SUV’s console.

The setup of all the entertainment gadgets and components was the result of the impressive technology-automotive knowhows of a man, called Will, from the Unique Autosports shop. He directed the man to have his SUV implanted with monitor, a DVD, and all other toys that her young passengers could have fun using of. Thus, if you are a true-blue tech geek, I’m sure you will instantly recognize that he has the Alpine CVA-1005, a KCE-420v video selector, and a DVA-5205 DVD player.

What’s more to look at? The DVD and Dreamcast systems that are both hooked to the 13-inch Audiovox flip down TV. Will also made sure to slap on headphones in case other passengers do not want to be bothered by the noise. A 6-disc changer is provided to keep Rockwilder’s collection of music at his tips. It was another Alpine’s, a CHA-S624 with two PPI amplifiers to power the MB Quart Reference RSD 216 series 6.5-inch speakers. Not seen in the picture, but the speakers are located at the front and rear doors.

This 2001 GMC Yukon has surely turned into a heavy-magnet for technologies and gadgets. I believe the cost of all those things are like having a new vehicle such as this one. Too much for a treat to your younger passengers, but with Rockwilder’s empire of fortune, I am quite sure that it is a little damage to endure for a short while but a long time to enjoy!

To Richie Sambora fans, i know they knew that the founding member of the rock band, Jon Bon Jovi, owns a Hummer. He had it in his possessions for a few years already and still is seen driving around Hollywood. Recently, news reporters and paparazzi alike caught him driving the same Hummer around Laguna Beach in March this year. But this time, the guitarist is in the hands of the cops. Apparently, the guitarist was driving under the influence of alcohol. He was charged with misdemeanor drunk driving. Before the arrest, he was seen weaving near the Pacific Coast Highway. An officer pulled him over and smelt alcohol on his breath. The 48-year-old rocker also failed sobriety tests, and was taken to the Laguna Beach police station where he submitted to a blood alcohol test.

Anyhow, we wanted to talk about the Hummer and not the case of the rocker lol. The Hummer, as explained in the previous post I had written regarding the same vehicle that Paris was looking for, was a massive hit among the celebrities. There were many in the Hollywood that own this popular hybrid vehicle. Some of the most famous personalities that continue to show their fascination over this vehicle include Gwyneth Paltrow, Harrison Ford, and Larry David.

Of course, when it comes to Hummer, everyone would not dare forget Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, this man owns not only one Hummer. He previously owned eight of them, although these were downsized to three. His collection included a Hydrogen-powered version of the vehicle.

Other celebrity personalities owning this vehicle include Adrien Brody and the man behind the movie, Titanic, James Cameron. Others who were seen with this hybrid vehicle? Yes, there are still many waiting in the list, but to keep you from guessing them, Dennis Rodman, Parish Hilton, Mike Tyson, and the rapper Wyclef Jean are those popular celebrities known and seen driving a Hummer.

If you are looking for more proofs that hybrid Hummer is one of the famous favorites of celebrity and Hollywood starts, here are the following personalities owning or have owned in the past one or two: Roseanne Barr, another rap star Coolio, Rolling Stone member, and Ronnie Wood. And for more information, Roseanne Barr gave her Hummer to his ex-husband as part of the divorce settlement, while rap star Coolio was reported to gave up his own because of high fuel bills issues.

If you want more, here’s another information: Michael Dell, if you happen to be unfamiliar with this guy, he is the founder of the computer giant who is believed to be worth around $17 billion, also owns another Hummer. And perhaps, with the huge worth he has in his account, he would feel the same pressure as rap star Coolio did.

So far, these are the names included in the list, but I know there are others who weren’t named for lack-of-time to research reasons. Anyhow, my true purpose of posting this article is to show the world what has been and still popular amongst the many rich and famous individuals circling the Hollywood and press-filled conferences.

There are others favorite cars (fast) and vehicles in the industry, but it is interesting for me to know that hybrid Hummer appeals largely to music celebrities and especially the rocker ones. It also caught the interests of mainly the male specie, and is not to be surprised since the hybrid has a construction meant to this crowd.

Built, construction, aesthetics, drivability, and everything else in this vehicle speaks of its masculinity. So, knowing that some women celebrities own one is quite an amusing and at the same time intriguing to me. How they ever manage to keep with the vehicle’s drivability, that I’m not sure of; however, knowing they prefer to have on their collection explains the vehicle’s popularity amongst celebrities and Hollywood stars.

After getting out of the jail, Paris has had many resolutions in mind. And one of these was ordering a hybrid Hummer. Yes, that is right. Paris was known for having a passion over neat, fast cars; but this time, it is quite a surprise that she is aiming for the hybrid Hummer.

In the succeeding articles and researches I have the intention of posting here in my blog, I am going to talk who amongst the famous celebrity individuals and Hollywood starts also own and have owned a Hummer. Meanwhile, I want to talk why this hybrid vehicle became popular and a favorite for these rich and famous individuals.

For a little knowledge about hybrid Hummer, I collected this info:

The Hummer name was coined after “High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).” It was called by some others as Humvee for short. The vehicle begun spinning its history back in 1980s when the US Army decided Jeeps were too small while conventional trucks were too big for their needs. To begin seeing to this problem, the Humvees were called to action during the war against Iraq to liberate Kuwait in 1991 wherein they have made an impact to the public consciousness.

Seeing this kind of vehicle as just too good to pass up only being watched utilized and enjoyed only by the military, some civilian citizens made a determined move so the automaker behind the soon-to-be-popular vehicle also creates versions for the public consumption. It was then heeded, thanks to the big help that tough guy and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger provided by heavily persuading AM General automaker to produce the civilian versions, which apparently were shared and echoed by other motorists in America. The first civilian Hummer, then known as H1, was seen featuring a 6.6 liter diesel engine. The current Hummer version sports a capability to produce 300 horsepower and 520 lb ft torque.

In 1999, General Motors (GM) acquired the rights to the name ending the exclusivity of Hummer. GM made smaller and cheaper vehicles to replace the original Hummer. There is now the H2 model, which looked similar to the H1 but was a completely different automobile underneath. The H2 shared the platform of GM’s Chevrolet Tahoe SUV, another popular vehicle model. It is also cheap; at around $50,000 in the US, it’s comparable to other large SUVs and significantly cheaper than the $70,000 for the cheapest Range Rover. However dynamically it was very poor, and though equipped with a 6-litre V8 engine pumping out 316hp and 360 lb ft of torque it has to battle with the sheer size of the thing and its 3 tonne weight.

Simon Cowell also has a Bugatti Veyron. In my previous posts, I talked about Tom Cruise and his very own Bugatti Veyron. Truly, only a few fortunate and privileged celebrity individuals could afford this one. Who others do we know here who got this most expensive, fastest, and most powerful street-legal car? Hmmm… I still gotta research and find them.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell, the not-so friendly (I think everyone agrees hereJ) Americal Idol judge, bought this car back in October 2007. It was also covered that this important Hollywood entity he took home a new Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe on that week he purchased his Bugatti. Talk about spending million dollars in a week’s time. But we can’t blame this man. It is believed that he had in his pockets cool dollars over hundred millions. A subtracted one-mil dollars is a slight damage to his 100 million dollars and still growing.

Speed and class ... Bugatti Veyron and Rolls-Royce Coupé

Flash Simon paid £750,000 in Los Angeles last Saturday for a Bugatti Veyron – the world’s most expensive street-legal car. And he bought a £400,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé on his return to London. A pal said Simon, 48 last Sunday, wanted to celebrate in style. The source added: “He wasn’t worried about spending more than £1million in a week – in fact he enjoyed it. It was his birthday, after all.” Simon’s fortune is estimated at £100 million – and growing.

Speed and class … Bugatti Veyron and Rolls-Royce Coupé. The turbo-charged Bugatti Veyron has a top speed of 253 MILES AN HOUR. It can reach 60mph in less than two-and-a-half seconds. Girlfriend Terri Seymour, 33, stayed on the forecourt when he test-drove the car. The Roller, which he bought from the exclusive Romans International UK dealers, has a cream leather interior and a piano wood finish. The source said: “He likes to replace his cars regularly. Unless it’s a classic, he doesn’t like to have a car without an up-to-date number plate. “He loves his cars – they’re one of his biggest passions. And only the best is good enough.”

This was the Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe that he got himself for his 47th birthday. The cost apparently got around to or more than $400,000. That certainly is big enough to treat oneself for a birthday. But anyhow, this is the information that I got from my research:

Rolls Royce, now owned by BMW, is for most of us a surreal brand which wouldn’t even be affordable with a large lottery win. The Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe is powered by a 453 bhp 6.75 litre V-12 gasoline engine. Zero to 60 mph takes 5.9 seconds. Top speed is limited to 149 mph. Prices start at $400,000.

When creating the Phantom Drophead Coupé, design team drew inspiration from the classic J-class racing yachts of the 1930s. The fastest yachts of their time, these pedigree vessels possessed a spectacular combination of ability, versatility and fitness for purpose. Thanks to the use of the finest materials in their natural state, they were also exceptionally beautiful. It’s this sense of functionality, immediacy and exposure to the elements our designers admired, and what they have striven to capture in the Phantom Drophead Coupé’s thrilling lines. The use of steel and wood – design highlights first seen in the 100EX experimental car of 2004 – cement the maritime theme.

Honesty and integrity were paramount in the design process, which is why the Phantom Drophead Coupé has a soft-top, rather than a folding metal roof so beloved by the rest of the car industry. As Ian Cameron, Rolls-Royce’s Chief Designer, says, ‘It was very important that we didn’t create a folding hardtop, because that is an unclear proposition. Our customers wouldn’t own a reversible jacket, so why would they buy a convertible that looks like a Coupé? Besides, there’s nothing more romantic than sitting in a soft-top car and listening to the rain pattering on the cloth hood.’

It was also important for the styling to give a clearer hint at the Phantom Drophead Coupé’s performance, which is why the front is more rakish and the radiator grille is a more streamlined shape. A car to be enjoyed in a more spontaneous, less formal way, it’s fitting that the Phantom Drophead Coupé’s vibrant character is expressed in such unmistakable style.

A little biography of Eddie Murphy:

Eddie Murphy’s father died when Eddie was quite young, and he, his brother, and step-brother were raised by his mother, a telephone-company employee, and his stepfather, a foreman at a Breyer’s Ice Cream plant. His comic talent was evident from an early age, and by 15 he was writing and performing his own routines at youth centers and local bars, as well as at the Roosevelt High School auditorium. Eventually, Murphy made it to a Manhattan showcase, The Comic Strip. The club’s co-owners, Robert Wachs and Richard Tienken, were so impressed with Murphy’s ability that they agreed to manage his career. Wachs and Tienken succeeded in getting Murphy an audition for the revamped “Saturday Night Live” (1975), where he was eventually cast as a featured player, but by the end of his first season, however, he had moved up to star status.

Though he has grown up a lot since his fast-lane rise as a superstar in the 1980s, Murphy has lived the Hollywood lifestyle with controversy, criticism, scandal, and the admiration of millions worldwide for his talents. As Murphy had matured throughout the years, learning many lessons about the Hollywood game in the process, he settled down with more family-oriented humor with Doctor Dolittle (1998), Mulan (1998), Bowfinger (1999), and the animated smash Shrek (2001), in a supporting role that showcased Murphy’s comedic personality and charm. In spite of being vocal in interviews about his career, Eddie Murphy continues to live a happy life with his wife and kids and has said that if his career would to end tomorrow he would be content just being with his family.

Cameron was spotted entering, and from the looks of it driving a Toyota Prius. Good for her to see owning a hybrid electric automobile developed and manufactured by the Toyota Motor Corporation instead of the fast cars some women in Hollywood are driving. While there is no issue about their love and choice of fast, sporty cars, I give Cameron Diaz two thumbs up for choosing a compact car like that Toyota Prius in the picture.

Since, it is the topic, I found some information about the car:

The Prius first went on sale in Japan in 1997, making it the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It was subsequently introduced worldwide in 2001.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the 2008 Prius is the most fuel efficient car sold in the U.S. According to the UK Department for Transport, the Prius is tied with the diesel MINI Cooper D as the second least CO2-emitting vehicle behind the Volkswagen Polo 1.4 TDI.

The Toyota Prius has sold more than all other hybrids combined—and for good reason. Since the debut of the second generation Prius in 2003 (as a 2004 model), the midsize hatchback sedan has racked up award after award. Years later, the Prius continues to be a red-hot seller.

The Prius inspires a cult-like devotion from its drivers. Satisfaction rates, consistently at 98 percent, are unparalleled. Prius owners are already looking 20 years ahead, when they can claim with great pride, “Yes. I drove one of the first Priuses.”

The Prius drives like a charm, humming along silently in all-electric mode at low speeds and revving up its 110 combined gas-electric horsepower for a respectable 0-to-60 rate of 10.2 seconds.

Its stability control system makes it very safe. And the Prius has loads of bells and whistles, from keyless entry, a high-tech fuel use dash display, and a rear-view camera system to help you squeeze into a tight parking spot.

When Toyota released the second generation Prius in 2003, the vehicle was bigger, faster, more efficient, and more stylized than its predecessor. The third-generation Prius, due out as a 2009 model, promises a similar bump in the key metrics. That model will not use next-generation battery technology (lithium ion) or offer a plug-in option. Toyota has opted to squeeze out additional efficiencies in its tried-and-true hybrid system for more incremental improvements, which could send the Prius’s mpg into the 50s. That should allow the Prius to maintain its position as the most fuel efficient vehicle on the road.

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