Demi Moore was seen hopping out of a Lincoln Navigator when she was on her way to guest, I think, to “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Demi Moore is an addition to the long line of Navigator’s Hollywood stars owners. Judging from the number of stars driving a Lincoln Navigator, the full-size SUV is a big favorite amongst these people. The SUV was heralded as an icon late in the 1990’s, but years later, there were other full-SUVs coming out into the market. It was a victory however to Navigator at the Hollywood as, apparently, people in the industry were seen faring with the SUV.

In my personal opinion, this isn’t surprising considering the Nav has a certain kind of the imposing-and-flashy attitude. The big cabin and the black commanding presence are quite a scene when you see this vehicle parked or rolling into the streets. An ultimate rolling status symbol you can call it, Demi Moore was one of the practical Hollywood drivers, seeing this vehicle model as the right machine to drive wherever she may want across the wide streets of the Hollywood.

The early Lincoln Navigator was offered in a traditional body-on-frame SUV. Coming with the standard V8 power, the two generations made for the model were offered with seats that accommodate up to eight passengers, a cargo capacity that extends over 100 cubic feet, and a flexible tow rating that comes to over 8,000 lbs. The space, wide cargo, and towing capacity appealed much to the interest of large families, and might I say that it is not surprising for Hollywood stars or celebrities eyeing on this large vehicle as this is perfect for them, who in most times, carry bulky luggage containing their mountainous piles of change dresses, pumps, makeups and a lot others.

And so, the Lincoln Navigator made its niche on the market. Although there were quite a few drawbacks with the older Navs, like the subpar fuel economy, sloppy handling, and sluggish performance, it was easy for the consumers to forgive these flaws if only for the wide capacity and flexibility it brings around. But, it is good to say that it is a good move to redesign the newer Navigators. Over the years, there was new definition of formula which resulted all to the full-size SUV offering a more reasonably pleasant driving experience.

The current Lincoln Navigator has been dressed with new style to with an intention of capturing the hearts of an upscale audience. The bulk size can be said that it shares the underpinnings of the Ford Expedition, plus the standard 300-hp, 5.4-L V8, and 6-speed automatic transmission, there was a significant round of upgrades for the 2007 edition. The frame and suspension, plus the larger brakes, and sound-deadening materials were clearly heavy revisions that the new model went through.

The result of all this has impact to the overall performance of the vehicle. Whereas, the older Navs suffered from drawbacks that fell on the performance aspect, the newer models were tested to produce tidier handling dynamics, yielded more refined ride, and more great news to style-conscious individuals, were the new lovely and with-attitude grille design. The new grille is a clear statement of the newly-designed Navigator, with most amount of chrome available to boot among the many production vehicles currently parading the industry.

And so, the refreshed performance, upgraded into dramatic degree, and the same spacious capacity are unarguably reasons why most celebrities want to drive the full-size SUV model. One wouldn’t argue that Lincoln Navigator is a practical yet a trendy choice, no matter how big it is occupying a parking lot, I’d dare say the vehicle wouldn’t fail a need that most Hollywood stars need, with all their travel bags, makeup luggage, and all!