Can you picture Mr. Rocky Balboa himself driving a little car, like the Volkswagen Jetta? At first, when I asked this question to myself, I just couldn’t and wouldn’t dare! LOL! How about you? Do you see the man fitting inside that little Volks car? It seems this Jetta was made for relatively tinier people, like me, hehehe. Rocky Balboa, or Mr. Stallone, is quite a large man, literally, with all those heaps of proteins lurking beneath his huge muscles, so I assume one could never dare imagine him owning, or worse, driving a cute, little car, like the Volkswagen Jetta.

And yet, he was pictured driving, or at least, entering the Jetta that he owns. In recent news, he was pictured by a certain photographer, together with her two daughters, shopping and then entering a black, shiny Volks Jetta. Yes, the big man himself is driving a Jetta. You can search it in the net, and there are a few that will display right on your monitor.

Well, there are some things that really can make you think. But surprises are never made to be discovered without, uhm, getting you surprised (I am lame?Ü), because that was exactly what I was when I saw the picture of the man. Indeed, it is not always accurate when you think this thing perfectly fits this person, or that thing perfectly fits that another. Anyway, we are done with the thinking why Rocky Balboa is driving that cute little, shiny, black car. Perhaps, the reason was that he starred in a commercial of the car model. Or perhaps, it was for the reasons below:

Volkswagen Jetta is reported to be VW”s best-selling model ever sold in the US. The design is made according to the Jetta that means “combined with the luxury and power of a modern jetliner”. This was probably why the car looks so good and different, with a kind of stylishness that you can never say that it was cute and elegant. The Jetta was not a new model to the VW. It was catered to the public as early 1979.

Earlier models were seen as homely and underpowered versions, but were seen submitted into significant remodeling in mid-1990’s. It was a successful attempt that brought to the VW offering the Jetta for buyers in their 20’s, as compact sedans. It has upscale cabin accommodations, and a nice demeanor and styling that somehow made it set apart from the mainstream economy automobiles. Later, there was a Jetta wagon seen offered to public, a much welcomed relief by the young families who affords economy vehicles.

The new Volkswagen Jetta was obviously, from the picture with Sylvester Stallone, there was a complete re-design venture. Available in three trim levels of S, SE, and SEL, the new Jetta comes with power of 170-horsepower, a 20-difference to the early 150 horsepower to early Jettas; a 2.5 liter inline five-cylinder, five-speed manual and standard and six-speed automatic as optional to the S and SE.

For sport-minded consumers, there is the Wolfsburg edition, with which, it features a separate GLI’s turbo-charged 2.0 liter four cylinder engine, plus six-speed manual. Meanwhile, the Jetta S comes with standard cruise control, eight-speaker stereo, full power accessories, and faux-leather upholstery. If you got the SE trim, you would like the upgrades made to the sunroof, 10-speaker stereo, and heated front seats.

All Volkswagen Jetta trim levels have a premium feel to their cabin furnishings. Fit and finish are also outstanding. With Stallone’s Jetta, you could see these characteristics as plain evident, with probably the backseat yet another outstanding feature.

If these features and new designs of the new VW Jetta are not enough why the Rocky Himself favored the car over other models, I don’t know what it is.