Kate Moss apparently is leading a different life today. What with her glamorous and highly-publicized lifestlye seen driving a London taxi cab, many is wondering why. Even I am asking, but who knows the real reason for this? So, what I am gonna do now is talk about how Kate Moss acquired her new London Taxi Cab. Some sites tell that the super-popular model bought the car, paying US$80,000 for the popular London taxi cab.

While in here, the news tells that the cab was sent by pals, whom according to reports included Sadie Frost, as a gift appreciation for the lavish gifts that Moss gave them over the years. The model took it to her St. John Woods home. It was entertaining to learn that a popular and glamorous model like Kate now owns a taxi cab. But as I researched the net, Kate Moss was the only additional to the line of Hollywood stars and celebrities owning the same London Taxi Cab.

Amongst them are: the California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, director Stanley Kubrick, Ian Butcher, and even Prince Philip. So, judging from the turnout of London Cab’s celebrity owners, you could say that driving a taxi cab is a fad amongst these rich and popular individuals after all.

Anyhow, the London Taxi Cab is not your ordinary cab you probably see on the high streets of your town. The cars are also known London Black Cab, and the drivers navigating them around London area are known to undergo rigorous driving test. Not only that, they have to complete knowledge about London area. According to one article I previously read, these drivers will not have complete London streets knowledge in less than four years of studies or trainings. So, that really makes them capable to provide their passengers quality driving service.

In fact, London taxi cab drivers have coveted the best reputation for providing “best taxi service” in the world. So, suffice to say, if you have ever visited London, there is no way that you will get lost in its streets, unless, you don’t know the address that you are going to. What you need to do is tell the driver where to drop you off, and the rest the driver will take care of. Isn’t that nice? Knowing you would not ever get lost in the glitzy and otherwise complicated streets of London.

You don’t need to worry too. Because the drivers are checked with as far as their criminal backgrounds are concerned prior to the hiring. In fact, when you say a taxi cab driver in London, they are one of the most respected individuals, being able to earn the coveted badge from one of the toughest trainings London has to offer.

London Taxi Cabs are also easily recognizable. There are currently three different shaped models roaming around London area. And although the popular cabs are stylish in their own nature, there are future plans for the models. They are to be improved so passengers and drivers alike experience even more safety and comfort during travel. The newest London Taxi Cab vehicles come off with more rounded shape than the earlier versions. Another current one has the squarish shape, which is the Metrocab.

Back to Kate Moss topic, the lady was already seen driving her latest addition to her line of vehicles around town. She was seen behind the wheel with a pal in the passenger side, Fran Cutler. Some friends also noted that Kate Moss was giggling and simply loves the car. Well, I should say that was one different experience for her. What will all luxury vehicles she was accustomed to driving around town, or the many times she was photographed coming off a taxi cab being chauffeured by a real taxi cab driver.