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If you aren’t familiar with Rockwilder, he is yet another American hip hop artist who is brave enough to plunge deeper into the music industry to produce rhythm and blues music of different artists. He was the man responsible why some of the most popular songs of equally popular music artist themselves, like Busta Rhyme, Janet Jackson, Missy Eliott, Destiny’s Child, amongst others, were playing in the music stations and in your CD players. He went further and took his own record/production company, called Muzic Park Entertainment. Learning this man’s life story is a pretty much interesting read.

With being a native of Queens, New York, and an ardor dream to make it big into the music industry, he has a lot of stories of more than just idle daydreaming and focusing on his quest to significantly penetrate the industry to tell. Unarguably, Rockwilder is one of the most prolific artists and successful music producer in the current music world. With his gigantic achievements, he remains to be the same open-minded and down-to-earth guy that he is.

But going out of his biography topic, I wanted to talk about his equally interesting vehicle, the GMC Yukon. The vehicle seems to fit this music produ. In the picture above, the two rocks together. It is as if the GMC Yukon was designed to fit a man like Rockwilder. Because it is made a full-size SUV by the General Motors (GM) it has a lengthened wheelbase to serve well for its structural needs.

In the two pictures above, the 2001 GMC Yukon was covered to document the interior components Rockwilder has equipped it with. The music producer apparently has it heavy when it comes to entertainment section of this full-size SUV. At the console pictured above, it boasts of the various technologies which are obviously those only tech-geeks would ever love to have. The high-end techies are proudly beaming of what kind of lifestyle this man is favoring.

Just like any other younger men’s childish addiction to boy technology toys, Rockwilder lets out his boy side by deciding to put all those items. But, alas, all those you see at the picture are not installed not only for his own pleasure but directed too towards the needs of his younger companions on long trips. His kids, nephews, and all his other passengers are in his mind when he decided to let those gadgets and components installed at his SUV’s console.

The setup of all the entertainment gadgets and components was the result of the impressive technology-automotive knowhows of a man, called Will, from the Unique Autosports shop. He directed the man to have his SUV implanted with monitor, a DVD, and all other toys that her young passengers could have fun using of. Thus, if you are a true-blue tech geek, I’m sure you will instantly recognize that he has the Alpine CVA-1005, a KCE-420v video selector, and a DVA-5205 DVD player.

What’s more to look at? The DVD and Dreamcast systems that are both hooked to the 13-inch Audiovox flip down TV. Will also made sure to slap on headphones in case other passengers do not want to be bothered by the noise. A 6-disc changer is provided to keep Rockwilder’s collection of music at his tips. It was another Alpine’s, a CHA-S624 with two PPI amplifiers to power the MB Quart Reference RSD 216 series 6.5-inch speakers. Not seen in the picture, but the speakers are located at the front and rear doors.

This 2001 GMC Yukon has surely turned into a heavy-magnet for technologies and gadgets. I believe the cost of all those things are like having a new vehicle such as this one. Too much for a treat to your younger passengers, but with Rockwilder’s empire of fortune, I am quite sure that it is a little damage to endure for a short while but a long time to enjoy!