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From, I got this information about Edward Norton. He now have A BMW Hydrogen 7, in addition to other Hollywood stars such as Jay Leno.

Edward Norton is a Golden Globe awardee and Oscar nominee. He was the latest in line that joins the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. Other members include Will Ferrell and Jay Leno. Norton received the keys to the first luxury sedan, which is powered by hydrogen. This luxury sedan is actually not for sale. However, because of its use of hydrogen as its sustainable fuel when it comes to transportation, the company behind it already deemed the new vehicle as an achievement.

The hydrogen car reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful to the environment since it releases only water vapor into the air. BMW manufactured this car believing that it will pave way in using hydrogen as an effective and safer alternative to gasoline. It aims to promote better and safer environment. Norton was heard commenting how the car excites him knowing how his advocacy towards a more sustainable way of life inspires him.

Norton was responsible for the coming up of Solar Neighbors Program, so the luxury sedan seems to fit the man. That program he is promoting aims to bring photovoltaic, PV, panels to the low-income households in Los Angeles. With the Program’s noble objective, he was able to drag some celebrities to support the program. Brad Pitt was one of them. The program was a success, being able to get resources for dozens of solar installations for inner city families at the first year alone.

Somehow, the objective of both the program and BMW’s creation of hydrogen cars make Edward Norton the perfect person to own and promote these automobiles. There are also other celebrities and influential people who were in the line to encourage people in giving massive support to vehicles which are powered by hydrogen instead of fuel. Some you will find are Placid Domingo and Steve Gaghan. There were also the supercouple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile to add to the illustrious list. I know there are some who remember the power couple seen driving the BMW Hydrogen 7 during Ocean’s 13 premiere. Also, Richard Gere and Sharon Stone were seen with the car at the Cinema for Peace Gala, which took place in Berlin.

In a related note, I am going to cite some celebrities owning or driving modest cars. Somehow, this is going to be different news knowing most celebrities you see in California roads and on other parts of the world were always seen with, if not luxury SUVs, they were known to headbang the road with ultra-expensive fast cars. But, as the website says, just because they are celebrities don’t mean they aren’t capable of sporting any other cars or automobiles except most expensive ones. Some of these celebrities include:

Tom Hanks – the always down-to-earth man has a Chrysler PT Cruiser. A simple station wagon that won North American Car of the Year in 2001, it also won a spot in the Car and Driver magazine’s 10 best list.

Colin Farrell – the bad boy of the Hollywood owns a Ford Bronco. If you should know, the Bronco costs only $6,950, a far cry to the hundreds of thousands that what Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or to the millions of dollars of what Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise are driving. Bronco was a competitor to the Jeep CJ-5.

50 Cent – He may have a wide range of car collection, but he also owns a less-costly Dodge Charger. It costs around $26,360.

Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio – have something in common. they are a fan of eco-friendly cars, or some prefer them “green cars”, which is the Toyota Prius. It won the Swiss government’s world’s greenest car. green cars are known for their lowest ownership costs, lowest operating costs, lowest fuel, and best retained value. It was chosen as 2007 Intellichoice awardee.

Goldie Hawn, Lebron James – both own a Mini Cooper.

Toby Keith – Ford F-150.

Advertisements reports that Hollywood names have their preference when it comes to automotive wants. They vary, from George Clooney to Tom Cruise, from Gov. Schwarzenneger to Renee Zellweger. They all have their preference; but the following are what MyRide listed as the latest celebrity green must-haves, plus some insights from the author of this blog:

Tesla Roadster – This is an all-electric sports car, with a slightly more modest price of $98,000 in its price tag. The vehicle has been buzzing with names like George Clooney, Jay Leno, Matt Damon, Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Will.i.Am, Brad Pitt, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For additional information, the Tesla Roadster was the first production car from Tesla Motors, developed with the help from Lotus, with basic chassis development technology shared with Lotus Elise. This Roadster also has a codename. DarkStar. More of this vehicle can be found at Wikipedia.

BMW Hydrogen 7 – This is an extremely rare modified version of the 7 Series sedan that runs on hydrogen, an alternative fuel. Driving one is an invite-only experience, and Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, Jeremy Piven, Cameron Diaz and Edward Norton have all been granted time behind the wheel.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is currently touted as the first hydrogen drive luxury performance automobile. I wish more of this car will go up for sale for the buying public. This is what we need to significantly reduce air pollution levels. Unfortunately, there are only select customers from whom the limited Hydrogen 7 will be (or are) sold to.

Smart ForTwo – Every artist who performed at last summer’s Live Earth concert was offered a Smart, and one practically needs to be a VIP to get ahead on the thousands-deep wait list for the first micro-car to hit the US. From the 5’5″ Miley Cyrus to 6’11” ex-NBA player John Salley, the Smart is making quite an impression on celebrities.

Despite earning negative reactions from the critics and enthusiasts, the Smart FourTwo coveted a prestigious honor of being the “Car of the Year” in Europe. The car was produced by Daimler AG, and was also called CIty Coupe.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid – With rumors of low production numbers, it’s inevitable that most of these big-boy hybrids will end up in the hands of VIP’s. Celebrities love these mega status symbols and this next generation hybrid allows them to have their cake and eat it too. Super Bowl winner Eli Manning will take delivery of the first Escalade Hybrid in July. Who’s next? Travis Barker? Lindsay Lohan? Let the wait list begin!

The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid version was announced only this year. Cadillac claims that this hybrid vehicle manages to perform with 25% better fuel economy than the non-hybrid Escalade. The vehicle is ideal most to those who don’t to give up size, comfort, statues, and performance, but with concern more on the environment. These characters combined into one vehicle is surely expensive to acquire, but I know it will sure be a hit in the celebrity world. No word yet on the pricing.

Tango – Costs $106,000, this high performance eco-friendly vehicle is just about the size of motorcycle and is one of George Clooney’s favorite rides. While it has been a rarity on the market until recently, production is ramping up and we predict more will be spotted in celebrity hands soon.

Tango is a revolutionary commuter vehicle that combines speed and agility of a motorcycle but with security and comfort like that of a high-performance sports car. It was touted as the fastest urban car, and this is perfect on busy places like Hollywood and New York. It’s like a motorcycle which can maneuver out of traffic gracefully and but is safe, climate-controlled, and can carry reasonable amount of cargo.

In addition to these super green rides soon to hit the market,’s automotive experts look ahead to the future of alternative vehicles. Here is a snap shot of future – and futuristic – green vehicles:

Chevrolet Volt

Mercedes-Benz S400 Bluetec Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Honda FCX Clarity

Mitsubishi “i”Miev Electric Car

Sourced from one of my frequently visited websites,  The article reported what celebrities’ favorite cars are. I am posting this article to let my readers, especially those who look up to the Hollywood stars because of many things, most particularly, automotive preference. Each list contains the names of celebrities seen driving them, plus, some information of the cars.

Here are what the article reported regarding top car favorites by the celebrities:

Eco-Friendly Celebrity Car Trends

The recent interest in the environment and global warming has led many celebrities to buy hybrid cars instead of high end luxury vehicles. These purchases undoubtedly are being used as both a political statement, as well as a personal choice based on a dedication to preserving the environment. Julie Roberts, Cameron Diaz, Daryl Hannah Leonardo DiCaprio, David Duchovny, Arianna Huffington and Billy Joel all own and drive hybrids. The Toyota Prius, an affordable $23,305, is a top choice among earth conscious celebrities.

Classic Cars

If you enjoy classic cars then you are in good company. Many of Hollywood’s heavy hitters are the owners and collectors of classic cars. Celebrities like Harrison Ford, hulk Hogan, Adam Sandler, Eminem, Nicolas Cage and Ken Griffey, Jr. all enjoy their classic cars. For the kings of classic car purchases you will want to look at the collections owned by Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld.

High Ticket Vehicles

Cars are used by many celebrities as a status symbol. The more a car costs, the bigger a statement the celebrity is able to make about their celebrity status. Just look at some of these purchases: Brittney Spear’s SLR McLarem Mercedes Benz cost about $450,000, Paris Hilton’s Bentley cost about $170,000, Madonna’s Maybach cost about $335,250, Shaquille O’Neals Rolls Royce Phantom cost about $328,750 and Lindsay Lohan’s Mercedes SL65 AMG cost about $185,000.

Size and Strength

SUVs and pickup trucks are other favorite vehicles for celebrities. The Range Rover is a particular favorite among Hollywood elites like Robin Williams, Chris Evert, Sean Connery and Charlize Theron. If you are in to trucks, then you will want to look at the Cadellac Escalade EXT that Anna Kournikova drives.

Custom Cars

The final category of celebrity cars is the custom car. A lot of celebrities customize their cars. They do this because they want to add special features to their vehicles, because they want a one-of-a-kind vehicle and because they can. Customization can range from anywhere from building a home entertainment system into the car’s design to installing a hot tub and mobile party area in the back of a limousine. Custom RVs and trailers are also popular. This customization project allows a star to take their home on the road when they are on location or shooting in the back lots of Hollywood.

The celebrities that own custom cars include: Ben Afflect, Liz Taylor, Charlie Sheen, Cher, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, Jane Fonda, Will Smith and Sylvester Stallone.

Celebrity Car Trends

Celebrity car choices are based on several factors. First of all they are made to show the world that they have made it as a celebrity. Usually one of the first big purchases that a celebrity makes once they hit the big time is an expensive or sporty car. I guess this is how most people would respond after getting their first million dollar paycheck. However, not all car purchases are made to show off. Some purchases are made because the celebrity simply likes the car’s design or because they are interested in making a political statement. What ever the reason is behind their car purchases celebrities really know how to drive in style and the rest of us can at least enjoy watching them drive by.

Number plates have been significant part providing identification to the vehicle as well as the driver registered as the owner. But these plates are more than just that. Many enthusiasts find a way to use plate numbers as something to create added level of looks. And that is the reason why plate number manufacturers have made it a point to design the auto bling as nicely as they can. But did you know that in celebrity, high-profile world, these plate numbers were used to express vehicle owners’ individuality. Check the following list of celebrities who made their vehicles more famous for wearing uniquely numbered plate numbers to see what I am talking about:

MB1 – Max Bygraves

Max Bygraves owned his beloved MB 1 number plate along with the Rolls Royce it was on for over 30 years. He was approached by many prospective purchasers but he always declined to sell MB 1. Eventually, acquired the registration in 1999. In 2002 it changed hands again and was sold to someone in London. Bygraves is perhaps best known for the famous radio programme ‘Educating Archie’ and for TV’s ‘Singalongamax’ and ‘Family Fortunes’.

MAG 1C – Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels doesn’t claim to have a great interest in private number plates, but many years ago, while working as a civil servant, he worked out the number plate combination MAG 1C. When Paul started to enjoy some success as a magician, he was offered the plate on a Mini. He turned it down believing it couldn’t possibly be genuine. It wasn’t until 1985 that a friend told Paul that MAG 1C was for sale, on a Ferrari. He discovered the plate had indeed been issued – to a Scottish Councillor, who’d had it on a Mini! So, he bought the plate with the Ferrari.

COM 1C – Jimmy Tarbuck

Jimmy Tarbuck was born in Liverpool on February 6 1940, the son of a bookmaker. He’s the envy of every comedian in the UK with his number plate COM 1C.

H41 RDO – Nicky Clarke

He is hairstylist to the stars, and for the film, TV, fashion and music industries. To reflect this Nicky tracked down the perfect registration – H41 RDO. The ultimate hair stylist now has the ultimate number plate!

MRD 1Y – Tommy Walsh

Tommy Walsh is probably the UK’s best loved DIY TV presenter, so what better number plate for him than MRD 1Y. The registration is still on the Tommy’s famous Ground Force lorry, even though the programme has ended.

EH 1 – Engelbert Humperdinck

Engelbert Humperdinck has been the proud owner of EH 1 for many years now and the registration is displayed on his classic Rolls Royce Corniche. In 2005, his wife Patricia and friend David Spradbury bought the registration 25 AGD for Engelbert’s birthday, to represent his real name – Arnold George Dorsey.

S8 RRY – Robbie Williams

8 RRY was sold to Robbie Williams to put on his new Ferrari. ‘Sorry’ was a message to his fans for spending so much money on a car. In the end Robbie decided to buy a moped instead.

1 JM, JM 1 and JM 2- John Madejski

John Madejski is listed number 168 in the latest Sunday Times Rich List. As well as property and hotel developments, his other business interests include publishing ventures around the world and the Goodhead group, which publishes every telephone directory in Britain. Recently, his beloved Reading Football Club has been promoted to the Premiership for the first time in the club’s history. He is worth £325m and has the number plates to match his status.

AMS 1 – Sir Alan Sugar

The son of a Hackney tailor, Sir Alan Sugar is estimated to be worth £760m. Sir Alan is now probably best known for fronting the reality show “The Apprentice” which is currently being shown on BBC 2. His personal number plate, AMS 1, can be seen on his Rolls-Royce in the programme’s opening sequence.

CHU 8B – Chris Tarrant

Chris Tarrant, TV quiz-master and keen angler, was over the moon when he tracked down his perfect registration, CHU 8B. The registration represents Chris’s favourite freshwater fish. Although he repeatedly turned down the opportunity to acquire a personal CT registration from a friend at a very attractive price some years ago, during his TISWAS days, Chris was hooked (excuse the pun) by the idea of a number to reflect his favourite pastime.

Tonight Show` host Jay Leno`s predilection for performance cars is no secret, but many fellow enthusiasts may not know that he is keenly interested in alternative fuels. To prove that red-blooded power mixes easily with a touch of green, Leno partnered with Pratt & Miller – the engineering company that builds and campaigns C6.R Corvettes – to develop a modified Corvette Z06 that is capable of running on E85 ethanol. It was unveiled at the 2007 SEMA Show.

More than merely a conversion of the stock LS7 engine to E85 capability, Leno`s alternative-fuel supercar is powered by a custom, 8.2L (500-cubic-inch) all-aluminum small-block V-8 that pumps out approximately 600 horsepower and 585 lb.-ft. of torque. “The C6RS is the result of an idea we hatched to prove that high-performance cars and alternative fuel technology weren`t diametrically opposed concepts,” said Leno. “I love the idea of having 600 horsepower at my disposal, but using a homegrown alternative to gasoline.”

The engine is built around a custom aluminum cylinder block that was CNC-milled from a single block of billet aluminum. And while the cylinder heads, intake system and dry-sump oiling system are stock LS7 components, the engine – which has larger bore and stroke dimensions than the 7.0L (427-cubic-inch) LS7 – uses a one-off reciprocating assembly, including a forged steel crankshaft, forged rods and forged pistons. Katech Engines, the company that builds engines for the Corvette C6.R racing program, developed the engine.

The fuel system and engine control computer were modified to accommodate E85, and spent gases exit through a Corsa exhaust system. Supporting the 600-horse engine`s power is a blueprinted and strengthened T-56 six-speed transmission and a high-performance Centerforce dual-friction clutch.

C6.R inspiration
On the outside, Leno`s bad and black C6RS emulates the styling of C6.R racecars, with wider front and rear fenders and a wider rear fascia with an integrated spoiler on top and a racing-style diffuser at the bottom (the diffuser incorporates an LED-lit backup lamp). A C6.R-style waterfall hood front fender louvers, rockers and lower grille opening further define this special Corvette – and all of the car`s front-end panels are made of carbon-fiber, including custom brake air ducts routed through the front fenders. With all of its body modifications, Leno`s C6RS is 1.6 inches wider than stock.

The C6.R`s – and production Corvette`s – aerodynamically styled bodywork is designed to slice efficiently through the wind, which helps enhance fuel mileage. The race-ready look of the car is enhanced with a quartet of BBS wheels that feature racing-type locking center hubs. The forged aluminum 18-inch front wheels and 19-inch rear wheels ride on Michelin P295/30ZR18 and P345/30ZR19 tires, respectively.

Adding authenticity to the car`s custom bodywork was the involvement of Pratt & Miller. The company took on the task of crafting Leno`s Corvette into a street-going replica of the racecars, which included installing or fabricating a host of unique components, including:
* A custom DeWitt high-capacity radiator with dual cooling fans
* A carbon-fiber ram-air induction system
* Carbon-fiber inner fender panels that vent hot air from the engine compartment
* Brembo brakes with six-piston mono-block calipers in front and four-piston rear calipers
* Dyna-Mat used throughout the cabin and chassis to reduce interior noise

While the exterior and drivetrain were inspired by the racetrack, the C6RS`s cabin exudes luxury, with premium touches and enhancements from Genuine Corvette Accessories that include a two-tone shift knob and boot; leather-covered console armrest, parking brake handle and boot; an interior trim kit, racing-style pedal covers and more.

With its 600 horses on tap and domestically produced E85 fuel in the tank, Jay Leno`s alternative-fueled C6RS is an all-American supercar that proves high performance and environmental consciousness go together like the Corvette and checkered flags.

I got this from this source

It’s is frustrating to see the following cars ending up crashed and wrecked; but, we all know, money is never an issue with these big Hollywood stars. So, what do we do when we see these wrecked machines? We simply shrug them off because next thing you’d know, owners of these cars will have new ones in there garage as if no money was wasted with the wrecks:

Here, I want my readers to look at these ultra-expensive celebrity cars which happened to lose their luck and ended up far from the stylish and fast automobiles that they were:

1. A magenta Lamborghini Diablo SE30 was in possession of Jay Kay, the leadsinger of Jamiroquai …Until he lost control when trying to turn and was thrown onto the edge of the road. The result? £750 fine and picture below:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

2. Lindsay Lohan lost her Mercedes-Benz CLK-350 when she was trying to escape the paparazzi. Well, as you can see Lindsay now driving another car, you it is obvious she doesn’t care a bit.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

3. Mr. Kerimov, listed as one of the richest individuals by Forbes, lost his Ferrari Enxo when he was driving in the rain. He ran into the tree near the seashore in Nice, France. He was traveling at high speeds, which are not allowed at the area, not permitting speeds faster than 35 miles/hour. Suleyman Kerimov, 40, is a Duma Member, and worth $7.1 billion treasure. Here is the picture of the wrecked machine:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

4. also included in the list is the one of the most expensive car crashes happened on Dec 15th of 2002. A Norwegian carrier sank down crashing into a container ship at the English Channel, which was always known as a foggy place. It cost about 3000 luxury cars amounting to 30 million £. Since it happened on a bad weather, saving these multi-million cars from the bottom of the sea was impossible. Saabs, BMWs, and Volvos were reported to be in the great mishap. Crews were alive.

5. It is funny but comedians also cry… when his multi-million dollar car got wrecked to pieces. This was what happened with the famous Mr. Rowan Atkinson, or the more famous Mr. Bean. In case you don’t know it, Rowan is a car collector since 1981. Unfortunately, the car involved in the mishap is one of the most expensive cars in the world, the McLarein F1. He was driving the car when he suddenly crashed into a woman’s Rover Metro in 1999.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

6. Nick Bolea Hogan, Hulk Hogan’s son, 17, is the next victim. He lost control while driving his Toyota Supra on August 27, 2007 and ran into a palm tree. The result can be seen below:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

7. Now, the most expensive car crash happened in Beverly Hills. It was reported that a cool $1 billion was lost due to this great mishap. The reason for losing a flock of Enzo Ferraris, Bentley Bizarrini, McLaren F1s, Maseratis, Lamborghini Diablo, Aston Martin, Porsche Boxter, Bugatti Cobra, Jaguars, and other ultra-expensive cars was due to a tramp trying to cross the street in the wrong place. Some said that it was because of the thin fog. Whatever is the reason, it doesn’t change the fact that the greatest car lost happened during that accident.

8. Orlando Bloom is next to the list. Although he remained safe and sound after the crash on October 12th, his two female passengers were injured and taken to the hospital. They were tested negative for drugs or alcohol. But the crash happened on their way to night club. The 30-yr old actor, went crashing into a parked car.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

9. A Lamborghini went up the wrecked air in California. Martin Gegenfurtner, 21-yr old, went into the same dilemma when his Murcielago went into a 90-degree turn on a dry and straight road. The car purled and jumped upside down in the woods.

Lamborghini Murcielago

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

10. Bugatti Veyron, the fastest and most expensive car, went into wreck in Britain. It wasn’t owned by a star, nor a drunken celebrity, but the car was destroyed. Some $1.6 million were lost with this unfortunate incident.

Bugatti Veyron

Top 10 Most Expensive Cars Crashes of All Time

Continuation of the previous post sourced from this site

Enzo sacrificed to plug movie

Crashing a Ferrari Enzo has to be embarrassing. But crashing an Enzo in front of TV cameras when trying to plug a movie takes shame to another level. Such was the fate of comedian Eddie Griffin (no, we hadn’t heard of him either) who’d been drafted in to promote the film Redline (no, we haven’t heard of it either) by driving the Enzo around a coned-off circuit for the benefit of the cameras. Unsurprisingly the clip spread like wildfire on the internet, leading some cynics to speculate the crash had been staged for just this reason and give the film some free worldwide publicity. Staged or not, the Enzo was a mess.

Bob Geldof v MSN

Another Lexus hybrid driving celebrity, at least Geldof is honest for his motives for jumping on the bandwagon – he simply wanted to avoid the congestion charge. A pity he didn’t also avoid running into one of our own, MSN man Andrew Quinn, who was riding his motorbike through Chelsea and suddenly found himself confronted with Geldof’s unexpectedly U-turning Lexus. Quinn suffered a broken leg and other injuries as a result of the collision and Geldof, whilst expressing shock at what had happened, played down accusations he hadn’t been paying attention. Geldof still has his hybrid and recently joined a debate on their implications for green motoring – hosted by Lexus.

Lindsay Lohan x 2

Like Paris Hilton, starlet Lindsay Lohan has made several appearances over the year on account of driving mishaps, both in the gossip columns and the courts. And it seems Sunset Boulevard was the downfall of both, Lohan crashing her Mercedes SL65 AMG into a kerb there and being charged with DUI. Bad enough in itself but traces of cocaine were also allegedly found in the car. You’d think after that Lohan might have kept a low profile but just two months later she was charged with DUI and possession of cocaine once again. Nothing like learning from your mistakes.

George Clooney’s chopper cropper

Worried that he might fall off and cause himself a schedule busting mishap producers of George Clooney’s latest film had apparently told him not to use his motorbike. Ever the rebel, Clooney ignored the request. But the producers’ fears were realised when the ex ER star and girlfriend Sarah Larson were side-swiped by a motorist while riding his Harley Davidson in New Jersey. Clooney broke a rib and Larson injured her foot but both laughed the incident off on the red carpet shortly afterwards, Larson combining a little black dress with bandages and crutches to great effect.

Gordon Ramsay rammed

Potty-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay has had his share of flash cars, with a particular thing for Ferraris. And he’s also no stranger to controversy, whether for his abrasive style or playing his part in the ongoing debate about TV fakery. One incident that definitely wasn’t mocked up was his coming together with a Scottish farmer during filming for The F Word. The pair were attempting to herd buffalo in two 4x4s in a segment for the show when they got a bit carried away and managed to run in to each other. No chefs, farmers or animals were hurt in the incident, which wasn’t broadcast.

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