After watching Forbes top 20 rich and young celebrities, I took a mental note to post yet again about Frankie Muniz. The reason why is that the network featured where Frankie has been using his loot on, as the network has showed where all others’ splurged/invested/spent their millions of dollars. The young American actor, who was born December 5, 1985 (makes him 22 years old), apparently has passion for the fast and the furious cars. In fact, he has been involved in race sports and has competed himself to various tracks (including Champ Car World Series and Las Vegas Grang Prix) and although without luck, didn’t win any one of them. However, the actor is taking a serious path towards the popular car game sports and claims he is a professional race car driver. The actor also confessed to the media how much cars does he have in his collection. A resounding number of 34 CARS!!! including the Maserati coupe I posted in here.


Are you fan of Mr. David Beckham? Most of the girls I knew look up to him for many things: handsomeness, gorgeous body, being an excellent and undoubtedly the most popular soccer of the current era, and of course, he is husband to the equally famous, the formerly Spice Girls member, Victoria “Posh” Beckham. Now, if you are fan, wouldn’t you want to learn how many cars are there in his collection? I want to talk about it either, so let’s get it on!

One of the most first notable cars he owned was the 1996 BMW M3, which went on sale at ebay and Beck has gathered more than what it really costs. The car was owned back when he was just starting and was known to be the moderately well-known rising player of the Manchester United squad. The BMW later was sold for around 90,000 pounds, a far cry to the 11,000 pounds for the same BMW M3 sold on ebay too. If Beck is not the popular guy you know of, the car would probably sell the same as the latter cost, or even below it.

Other collections in his fleet include the Lamborghini Gallardo, one of his recent acquisitions with a £110,000 in its tags. A Mercedes S500 is also in the fleet, as well as a Bentley Arnage.The latter was often seen at the Queen of Buckingham Place where he used to pick up his OBE in 2004. If you look inside the car, you will see it complete with baby-seats.

Talking about baby, David and Victoria’s son, Brooklyn, has his own vehicle as well. The couple bought him a stunning Christmas gift of Hummer H2. It was a scaled-down version though of the vast US Hummer 4×4, of course, owned by the father. Apparently, Brooklyn loves to imitate his father. The scaled-down version was bought for £22,000.

Tony Kanaan is a Brazilian race car driver of Lebanese heritage from Salvador, Brazil. Kanaan is an IndyCar driver who holds the unique distinction of being the only driver in the long and storied history of the Indianapolis 500 to lead the fabled event in each of his first five starts. But he doesn’t only love driving cars, but also messing with car off the track.

Kanaan is allways working projects, although he only stays home arround 2 days in the season to work in his shop. Currently on the operating table are an Acura TL and a BMW M3. He plans to upgrade the entire package for each vehicle. For specialized performance parts he can turn to his team mechanics, but for the mobile electronics he’ll have to go elsewhere.

For over 40 years Ferrari has been offering street-oriented versions of its racing models. The most famous of Ferrari nameplates, including GTO, 275 and F40, all owe their existence to the concept of creating a full-fledged race car, and then retrofitting it with the minimal necessary equipment to establish street legality.

In a world flush with acronyms like DOT, EPA and NHTSA, one may question the amount of leeway a modern automaker has to transform a race car into a street car. Yet one run through the gears of a 360 Challenge Stradale is more than enough to convince even the most jaded of Ferraristi that Enzo’s spirit lives on in the latest Prancing Horse.

Just the act of running through those gears is your first indication that the Challenge Stradale is a special automobile, even as Ferraris go. All Stradales come outfitted with Ferrari’s Formula One, automated clutch transmission, which uses paddles just beyond the steering wheel for gear swaps. These swaps take place in as little as 150 milliseconds, and because of the electronic interaction between the gearbox and engine, revs are automatically matched to provide maximum efficiency and stability when downshifting. This same transmission is available on 360 Modenas, and it typically includes a full automatic mode. But on the Stradale there is no such mode — all gear changes must be accomplished by the driver, though the tranny will automatically drop into first gear when the vehicle comes to a stop. The settings of “Street” and “Sport,” used on the standard Modena, have been upgraded to “Sport” and “Race” in the Challenge Stradale. In “Race” mode just the aforementioned 150 milliseconds pass between gear changes, the steering ratio quickens and the suspension settings stiffen.

Even when not in “Race” mode, the Stradale has many advantages over a 360 Modena. Ride height has been lowered by over a half inch through the use of stiffer (and lighter) titanium coil springs. The rear anti-roll bar is thicker, the brake system is upgraded with 15-inch ceramic rotors clamped by six-piston calipers (these are nearly identical to the binders used on the Enzo), and the wheels are lightweight BBS Challenge rims wearing 19-inch Pirelli P Zero Corsa tires.

Ferrari put the Challenge Stradale on a serious diet from top to bottom. Beyond the lightweight wheels, brake components and suspension pieces are the use of Lexan plastic in place of the rear glass (Lexan can replace the side glass as an option on European models, but not in the U.S.), carbon-fiber exterior mirrors, carbon-fiber interior panels and the removal of all audio equipment. Even the carpet and sound deadening have been yanked in favor of weight loss. Dropping nearly 250 pounds off the already lightweight 360 Modena is no mean feat, and as you might guess it greatly improves the model’s already stellar performance.

Weight loss is good, but more power never hurts when it comes to creating the ultimate performance car. Ferrari accomplished both tasks with the Challenge Stradale by also bumping horsepower from 400 to 425. Tweaking elements like the compression ratio, intake flow, head porting and exhaust system back pressure provides this engine with a rather phenomenal output of horsepower-per-liter. It also gives it an unprecedented wail when driven like it’s meant to be. Peak torque remains at 275 pound-feet, but with 250 less pounds to pull around the car feels far more willing at low speeds than the standard Modena.

In fact, “willing” is probably the singlemost effective word to use when describing the 360 Challenge Stradale. Our first few minutes with the car were spent escaping the confines of West L.A., and while we experienced fleeting moments of greatness on the rare occasions when space and conditions allowed for it, the overall sense was that of a wild mustang corralled in a petting zoo.

It wasn’t until we found the open spaces of Mulholland Drive in the Santa Monica Mountains that we could truly appreciate what Ferrari hath wrought, and even then the car’s abilities surpassed those of the public roadways. Items like the deleted audio system and cabin insulation were scarcely missed once we found the car’s groove on our favorite twisty tarmac — though your backside will be on a first-name basis with any Bott’s dots and pavement irregularities encountered. Steering feel is as close to perfection as we’ve found, surpassing cars like the new Ford GT and even Porsche’s 911 in terms of ideal weighting and feedback. The brakes are similarly mind (and neck) bending, not only in ability but also in sheer confidence-building (a good thing when piloting a $200,000 vehicle).

Speaking of confidence, the Stradale’s at-the-limit behavior (an area often cited by 360 critics as less than ideal) showed a marked improvement over the Modena. Credit not only the vehicle’s lighter curb weight but also the ultrasticky Pirellis. The few times we got the car out of shape it was remarkably easy to reel it back in, something we hadn’t expected (and thoroughly appreciated). Because many buyers will be taking their Challenge Stradales to the track on weekends, Ferrari has blessed this car with a character that begs for closed course exercise.

The other aspect worth reiterating is the remarkable symphony that emanates from this exotic’s exhaust pipes. Even by Ferrari standards, the Challenge is simply a feast for the ears. Those familiar with World Superbike racing will think a works Ducati has just entered their ZIP code whenever the Stradale’s 3.6-liter V8 hits redline. Like the rest of the car, it’s hard to believe this level of automotive expressionism is still legal in today’s world.

Only a few hundred Stradales will be produced before the 360 drives into the automotive history books. The next-generation midengine, V8 model is due soon, and Ferrari wants to make sure this already-classic nameplate goes out in style. Certainly nobody can argue the point that producing yet another street-legal race car is fundamental Ferrari style.

In this picture, there can be two kinds of audience about to react seriously or not seriously. First audience are those people who would comment on hot and sexy MTV VJ Lala is. And second are those who would wonder what on earth does the woman stands in front of. Well, I am going to give you a little bit of satisfaction to both queries.

First, MTV VJ Lala is, of course, your famous VJ behind MTV shows, Spring Breakdown, Direct Effect, and TRL. She is 27 years old, and is wed to the 22-yr old NBA Star Carmelo Anthony. They have a baby together in 2004.

Now, about the cute, little monster behind her is her vehicle she has no fear of flaunting around. If you can’t guess it right, the lady is driving a Range Rover. Only that this time, you did not see it as the menacing, clean, and sophisticated black Range Rover. Quite a surprise huh? That photo actually came out in 2006, and i know this is quite a late post. However, I want my readers, especially the fashionista and girlie ones, to take a peek how a deep and dark pink Range Rover can actually turn heads and signify your own personality. The Pink Range Rover in the picture above says pretty much about MTV VJ Lala. It shows the girlie side of this hot VJ. Word says that she had it in pink to match her pink cell phone. I wish you can see them, but the wheels are also painted pink. And so do the lights. VJ Lala and her pink Range Rover were featured in Celebrity car in 2006. Here are the words by the mag:

"In every issue of Celebrity car, we profile celebrities who are finding
unique ways to customize their cars as an extension of their
personality, especially matching the paint and accessories to their
favorite color," said Celebrity car Publisher Tom duPont. "LaLa is one
of the most distinctive customizations we have seen and she really
stands out from the crowd when she drives her all-pink Range Rover down
the road."

From, I got this information about Edward Norton. He now have A BMW Hydrogen 7, in addition to other Hollywood stars such as Jay Leno.

Edward Norton is a Golden Globe awardee and Oscar nominee. He was the latest in line that joins the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. Other members include Will Ferrell and Jay Leno. Norton received the keys to the first luxury sedan, which is powered by hydrogen. This luxury sedan is actually not for sale. However, because of its use of hydrogen as its sustainable fuel when it comes to transportation, the company behind it already deemed the new vehicle as an achievement.

The hydrogen car reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful to the environment since it releases only water vapor into the air. BMW manufactured this car believing that it will pave way in using hydrogen as an effective and safer alternative to gasoline. It aims to promote better and safer environment. Norton was heard commenting how the car excites him knowing how his advocacy towards a more sustainable way of life inspires him.

Norton was responsible for the coming up of Solar Neighbors Program, so the luxury sedan seems to fit the man. That program he is promoting aims to bring photovoltaic, PV, panels to the low-income households in Los Angeles. With the Program’s noble objective, he was able to drag some celebrities to support the program. Brad Pitt was one of them. The program was a success, being able to get resources for dozens of solar installations for inner city families at the first year alone.

Somehow, the objective of both the program and BMW’s creation of hydrogen cars make Edward Norton the perfect person to own and promote these automobiles. There are also other celebrities and influential people who were in the line to encourage people in giving massive support to vehicles which are powered by hydrogen instead of fuel. Some you will find are Placid Domingo and Steve Gaghan. There were also the supercouple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile to add to the illustrious list. I know there are some who remember the power couple seen driving the BMW Hydrogen 7 during Ocean’s 13 premiere. Also, Richard Gere and Sharon Stone were seen with the car at the Cinema for Peace Gala, which took place in Berlin.

In a related note, I am going to cite some celebrities owning or driving modest cars. Somehow, this is going to be different news knowing most celebrities you see in California roads and on other parts of the world were always seen with, if not luxury SUVs, they were known to headbang the road with ultra-expensive fast cars. But, as the website says, just because they are celebrities don’t mean they aren’t capable of sporting any other cars or automobiles except most expensive ones. Some of these celebrities include:

Tom Hanks – the always down-to-earth man has a Chrysler PT Cruiser. A simple station wagon that won North American Car of the Year in 2001, it also won a spot in the Car and Driver magazine’s 10 best list.

Colin Farrell – the bad boy of the Hollywood owns a Ford Bronco. If you should know, the Bronco costs only $6,950, a far cry to the hundreds of thousands that what Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or to the millions of dollars of what Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise are driving. Bronco was a competitor to the Jeep CJ-5.

50 Cent – He may have a wide range of car collection, but he also owns a less-costly Dodge Charger. It costs around $26,360.

Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio – have something in common. they are a fan of eco-friendly cars, or some prefer them “green cars”, which is the Toyota Prius. It won the Swiss government’s world’s greenest car. green cars are known for their lowest ownership costs, lowest operating costs, lowest fuel, and best retained value. It was chosen as 2007 Intellichoice awardee.

Goldie Hawn, Lebron James – both own a Mini Cooper.

Toby Keith – Ford F-150. reports that Hollywood names have their preference when it comes to automotive wants. They vary, from George Clooney to Tom Cruise, from Gov. Schwarzenneger to Renee Zellweger. They all have their preference; but the following are what MyRide listed as the latest celebrity green must-haves, plus some insights from the author of this blog:

Tesla Roadster – This is an all-electric sports car, with a slightly more modest price of $98,000 in its price tag. The vehicle has been buzzing with names like George Clooney, Jay Leno, Matt Damon, Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Will.i.Am, Brad Pitt, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

For additional information, the Tesla Roadster was the first production car from Tesla Motors, developed with the help from Lotus, with basic chassis development technology shared with Lotus Elise. This Roadster also has a codename. DarkStar. More of this vehicle can be found at Wikipedia.

BMW Hydrogen 7 – This is an extremely rare modified version of the 7 Series sedan that runs on hydrogen, an alternative fuel. Driving one is an invite-only experience, and Will Ferrell, Jay Leno, Jeremy Piven, Cameron Diaz and Edward Norton have all been granted time behind the wheel.

The BMW Hydrogen 7 is currently touted as the first hydrogen drive luxury performance automobile. I wish more of this car will go up for sale for the buying public. This is what we need to significantly reduce air pollution levels. Unfortunately, there are only select customers from whom the limited Hydrogen 7 will be (or are) sold to.

Smart ForTwo – Every artist who performed at last summer’s Live Earth concert was offered a Smart, and one practically needs to be a VIP to get ahead on the thousands-deep wait list for the first micro-car to hit the US. From the 5’5″ Miley Cyrus to 6’11” ex-NBA player John Salley, the Smart is making quite an impression on celebrities.

Despite earning negative reactions from the critics and enthusiasts, the Smart FourTwo coveted a prestigious honor of being the “Car of the Year” in Europe. The car was produced by Daimler AG, and was also called CIty Coupe.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid – With rumors of low production numbers, it’s inevitable that most of these big-boy hybrids will end up in the hands of VIP’s. Celebrities love these mega status symbols and this next generation hybrid allows them to have their cake and eat it too. Super Bowl winner Eli Manning will take delivery of the first Escalade Hybrid in July. Who’s next? Travis Barker? Lindsay Lohan? Let the wait list begin!

The Cadillac Escalade Hybrid version was announced only this year. Cadillac claims that this hybrid vehicle manages to perform with 25% better fuel economy than the non-hybrid Escalade. The vehicle is ideal most to those who don’t to give up size, comfort, statues, and performance, but with concern more on the environment. These characters combined into one vehicle is surely expensive to acquire, but I know it will sure be a hit in the celebrity world. No word yet on the pricing.

Tango – Costs $106,000, this high performance eco-friendly vehicle is just about the size of motorcycle and is one of George Clooney’s favorite rides. While it has been a rarity on the market until recently, production is ramping up and we predict more will be spotted in celebrity hands soon.

Tango is a revolutionary commuter vehicle that combines speed and agility of a motorcycle but with security and comfort like that of a high-performance sports car. It was touted as the fastest urban car, and this is perfect on busy places like Hollywood and New York. It’s like a motorcycle which can maneuver out of traffic gracefully and but is safe, climate-controlled, and can carry reasonable amount of cargo.

In addition to these super green rides soon to hit the market,’s automotive experts look ahead to the future of alternative vehicles. Here is a snap shot of future – and futuristic – green vehicles:

Chevrolet Volt

Mercedes-Benz S400 Bluetec Hybrid

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Honda FCX Clarity

Mitsubishi “i”Miev Electric Car