In the recent car watch I posted just a couple of days ago, I have talked about the luxurious and fast cars that Tom Cruise owns. This time, it is Britney’s cars which caught my attention. The fallen pop star has been known to have a love for Mercedes Benz cars. Since mid of last year, Britney has been roaming around town with her white Mercedes Benz car.

In the recent hollywood news, the pop star behind such hits as “Baby Give Me One More Time”, “Toxic”, and recently the “Piece of Me”, Spears was photographed by the paparazzi visiting a Mercedes Benz dealership. Apparently, the star was to buy a new Mercedes car. But in the photo below, this is not the white Mercedes Benz that she was seen driving around in the past months nor the one that she recently purchased. It was the Mercedes Benz SL500 she owned and drove roughly six years ago.


This roadster has a clean and sleek look. And based from the look of this car, and not to mention the reputation of S series of Mercedes Benz, the car is a “fast car”. Which led me pondering how this hollywood woman could handle such monster-car. I don’t know about you, but in my unsolicited opinion, it does not fit a woman like Britney Spears, or any other woman for that matter, simply because I would personally prefer this fast, luxury car roamed by guys around. I’m not against women driving fast cars, but maybe because I’m worried that they would end up in the gutter than in their destination.

Maybe I’m just a bit frightened that women could never handle a thing more likely to be associated with men. Or, is it maybe because I fear that this expensive car would end up crashed and all the thousands of dollars Britney spent on it go wasted? 😀 I know it’s just me old-fashioned silly, naive girl, but I know there are other people, especially those who believe in women power, who would surely object to my opinion.

On the other hand, the car looks cute with Britney. It’s like the design and form were designed to perfectly fit her in. The convertible type with the top down makes her look powerful, so self-controlled, and a strong woman. Yet, the color white of the car looks clean on her.


Focusing on this Mercedes Benz SL500 Britney was seen in this 2002 photograph, the car is one of the best-selling and most popular MB Series of all time. The first time the line was released into the market, it gained popularity and was tagged with the definition of performance and “unparalleled power”. As seen in the photo, Britney was driving a convertible version, which was often available as such. If you would like to know more information about Mercedes benz Sl500, you can click here.