Are you fan of Mr. David Beckham? Most of the girls I knew look up to him for many things: handsomeness, gorgeous body, being an excellent and undoubtedly the most popular soccer of the current era, and of course, he is husband to the equally famous, the formerly Spice Girls member, Victoria “Posh” Beckham. Now, if you are fan, wouldn’t you want to learn how many cars are there in his collection? I want to talk about it either, so let’s get it on!

One of the most first notable cars he owned was the 1996 BMW M3, which went on sale at ebay and Beck has gathered more than what it really costs. The car was owned back when he was just starting and was known to be the moderately well-known rising player of the Manchester United squad. The BMW later was sold for around 90,000 pounds, a far cry to the 11,000 pounds for the same BMW M3 sold on ebay too. If Beck is not the popular guy you know of, the car would probably sell the same as the latter cost, or even below it.

Other collections in his fleet include the Lamborghini Gallardo, one of his recent acquisitions with a £110,000 in its tags. A Mercedes S500 is also in the fleet, as well as a Bentley Arnage.The latter was often seen at the Queen of Buckingham Place where he used to pick up his OBE in 2004. If you look inside the car, you will see it complete with baby-seats.

Talking about baby, David and Victoria’s son, Brooklyn, has his own vehicle as well. The couple bought him a stunning Christmas gift of Hummer H2. It was a scaled-down version though of the vast US Hummer 4×4, of course, owned by the father. Apparently, Brooklyn loves to imitate his father. The scaled-down version was bought for £22,000.