In this picture, there can be two kinds of audience about to react seriously or not seriously. First audience are those people who would comment on hot and sexy MTV VJ Lala is. And second are those who would wonder what on earth does the woman stands in front of. Well, I am going to give you a little bit of satisfaction to both queries.

First, MTV VJ Lala is, of course, your famous VJ behind MTV shows, Spring Breakdown, Direct Effect, and TRL. She is 27 years old, and is wed to the 22-yr old NBA Star Carmelo Anthony. They have a baby together in 2004.

Now, about the cute, little monster behind her is her vehicle she has no fear of flaunting around. If you can’t guess it right, the lady is driving a Range Rover. Only that this time, you did not see it as the menacing, clean, and sophisticated black Range Rover. Quite a surprise huh? That photo actually came out in 2006, and i know this is quite a late post. However, I want my readers, especially the fashionista and girlie ones, to take a peek how a deep and dark pink Range Rover can actually turn heads and signify your own personality. The Pink Range Rover in the picture above says pretty much about MTV VJ Lala. It shows the girlie side of this hot VJ. Word says that she had it in pink to match her pink cell phone. I wish you can see them, but the wheels are also painted pink. And so do the lights. VJ Lala and her pink Range Rover were featured in Celebrity car in 2006. Here are the words by the mag:

"In every issue of Celebrity car, we profile celebrities who are finding
unique ways to customize their cars as an extension of their
personality, especially matching the paint and accessories to their
favorite color," said Celebrity car Publisher Tom duPont. "LaLa is one
of the most distinctive customizations we have seen and she really
stands out from the crowd when she drives her all-pink Range Rover down
the road."