After watching Forbes top 20 rich and young celebrities, I took a mental note to post yet again about Frankie Muniz. The reason why is that the network featured where Frankie has been using his loot on, as the network has showed where all others’ splurged/invested/spent their millions of dollars. The young American actor, who was born December 5, 1985 (makes him 22 years old), apparently has passion for the fast and the furious cars. In fact, he has been involved in race sports and has competed himself to various tracks (including Champ Car World Series and Las Vegas Grang Prix) and although without luck, didn’t win any one of them. However, the actor is taking a serious path towards the popular car game sports and claims he is a professional race car driver. The actor also confessed to the media how much cars does he have in his collection. A resounding number of 34 CARS!!! including the Maserati coupe I posted in here.