After watching Forbes top 20 rich and young celebrities, I took a mental note to post yet again about Frankie Muniz. The reason why is that the network featured where Frankie has been using his loot on, as the network has showed where all others’ splurged/invested/spent their millions of dollars. The young American actor, who was born December 5, 1985 (makes him 22 years old), apparently has passion for the fast and the furious cars. In fact, he has been involved in race sports and has competed himself to various tracks (including Champ Car World Series and Las Vegas Grang Prix) and although without luck, didn’t win any one of them. However, the actor is taking a serious path towards the popular car game sports and claims he is a professional race car driver. The actor also confessed to the media how much cars does he have in his collection. A resounding number of 34 CARS!!! including the Maserati coupe I posted in here.


Britney here was seen at the back passenger seat with his dad, Jamie Spears, at the front passenger side. The father acts as Britney’s conservator since the court did not allow the pop star to mend her business, her life, on her own. In this picture, it was a lot different scenario and a welcoming change from the Britney Spears we always see driving her rather sporty and fast, Mercedes Benz SL65 (oh, by the way, I haven’t talked about this car of Brit’s, and that other Benz fast car she recently bought. Anyway, I’ll talk about them in the succeeding posts and meanwhile, back to this large SUV) down the Hollywood road to see to her various appointments and meetings.

Unfortunately, much as I want to talk about this monstrous SUV, I haven’t had the chance what type of dig she got here. Maybe, I have yet to dig about this and do another round of research to find out what type of SUV she and his father is using in this picture. By the way, I haven’t expressed my feeling about seeing this picture in her SUV. The scene is a relief for me because I always reckon big cars of large vehicles are safer things to use especially in a city full of hustle and bustle road traffics. And given the enormous attention she always gets from the mobsters, paparazzi, and fans, a big SUV such as that one in the picture is safer for her to use. And yes, a nice, friendly driver would always save her from various troubles on the road. So, Britney, hope to see you more in this kind of the vehicle because I want you to see safe and sound always.

The second part of my first post:


And while I’m already into this detail of how I also happen to belong to the statistic of common citizens who are obviously suffering from Hollywood-addiction syndrome, I am also what you would call a hedonistic human being that cannot suppress the urge to drool look into the cars, trucks, and vehicles these fave celebs and personalities flaunt around. On the contrary, I am also a human being that does not ignore the fact that we have other unfortunate world in there that continue to suffer from the deprivation of practically everything that these Hollywood people are enjoying; that’s why I cannot fully satisfy my hedonistically-inclined self.

So, being given the chance to watch how they parade these only-rich-individuals-who-can-buy luxury cars, I also cannot help but resent wonder how theirs cannot be driven by the majority of non-Hollywood people who happens to be looking up at them. Being one who loves pleasure in material things and wants to share that pleasure to others too, I see it fit to ask: why do we, celebrity watchers and commoners alike, cannot enjoy what Hollywood celebrities are enjoying particularly as far as automotive lifestyle is concerned?

But that is one question that will surely raise big comments because I know the answer is too one-sided. I don’t particularly envy them, but it would be somehow fulfilling for me if I learn one day that most of us can easily have cars whenever we wanted to. Unfortunately, that is impossible because it is going to be a dream that would definitely mess up the essence of balance here on earth (There are poor, there are rich; there are fair, there are unfair; there are mean people, there are kind people; and so on and so forth… I hope you got the picture).

For the reason that it is impossible to allow most human beings, including me, to enjoy what those Hollywood beings are having, I would like to write about everything about automotive essentials I could find from all of automobiles they drive. I am going to take a peek to even the littlest detail of their cars, trucks, and SUVs. In this way, I can, in the world of my words written in here, imagine how to own such exquisite and expensive possessions. In the same manner, it can allow my readers to have a closer look to these hard-to-attain vehicles and imagine for themselves how to drive one.

We are here, after all, to satisfy our curiosity over how these people can be so blatant as purchasing the most expensive cars available in the world while it is gradually and hopelessly sinking with third-world countries all suffering with poverty and deprivation of worldly things.

It is maybe a nonsense, but this is just a way to sustain my hedonistic-self. I am crazy over pricey, signature stuffs (especially automobiles and stuff), but it is unfortunate that I could not afford at the moment even a single piece of them. But, there is nothing to worry. I am going to feed my imagination that I am driving some of the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive cars by researching and putting them all down here in my blog as if I am the owner of them.

In addition, I am going to look particularly on the details of these cars, and possibly, offer some insights and knowledge about them to enlighten what do they have that commoners cannot easily own. If you want to be with me keeping tab on the idealism, materialism, impractility, or whatever you would like to call them, keep close with me and let us see how these luxury or non-luxury cars, SUVs, or trucks can satisfy our curiosity over this Hollywood mania…