From, I got this information about Edward Norton. He now have A BMW Hydrogen 7, in addition to other Hollywood stars such as Jay Leno.

Edward Norton is a Golden Globe awardee and Oscar nominee. He was the latest in line that joins the BMW Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program. Other members include Will Ferrell and Jay Leno. Norton received the keys to the first luxury sedan, which is powered by hydrogen. This luxury sedan is actually not for sale. However, because of its use of hydrogen as its sustainable fuel when it comes to transportation, the company behind it already deemed the new vehicle as an achievement.

The hydrogen car reduces carbon dioxide emissions, which are harmful to the environment since it releases only water vapor into the air. BMW manufactured this car believing that it will pave way in using hydrogen as an effective and safer alternative to gasoline. It aims to promote better and safer environment. Norton was heard commenting how the car excites him knowing how his advocacy towards a more sustainable way of life inspires him.

Norton was responsible for the coming up of Solar Neighbors Program, so the luxury sedan seems to fit the man. That program he is promoting aims to bring photovoltaic, PV, panels to the low-income households in Los Angeles. With the Program’s noble objective, he was able to drag some celebrities to support the program. Brad Pitt was one of them. The program was a success, being able to get resources for dozens of solar installations for inner city families at the first year alone.

Somehow, the objective of both the program and BMW’s creation of hydrogen cars make Edward Norton the perfect person to own and promote these automobiles. There are also other celebrities and influential people who were in the line to encourage people in giving massive support to vehicles which are powered by hydrogen instead of fuel. Some you will find are Placid Domingo and Steve Gaghan. There were also the supercouple, Brad Pitt and Angelina Joile to add to the illustrious list. I know there are some who remember the power couple seen driving the BMW Hydrogen 7 during Ocean’s 13 premiere. Also, Richard Gere and Sharon Stone were seen with the car at the Cinema for Peace Gala, which took place in Berlin.

In a related note, I am going to cite some celebrities owning or driving modest cars. Somehow, this is going to be different news knowing most celebrities you see in California roads and on other parts of the world were always seen with, if not luxury SUVs, they were known to headbang the road with ultra-expensive fast cars. But, as the website says, just because they are celebrities don’t mean they aren’t capable of sporting any other cars or automobiles except most expensive ones. Some of these celebrities include:

Tom Hanks – the always down-to-earth man has a Chrysler PT Cruiser. A simple station wagon that won North American Car of the Year in 2001, it also won a spot in the Car and Driver magazine’s 10 best list.

Colin Farrell – the bad boy of the Hollywood owns a Ford Bronco. If you should know, the Bronco costs only $6,950, a far cry to the hundreds of thousands that what Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, or to the millions of dollars of what Simon Cowell and Tom Cruise are driving. Bronco was a competitor to the Jeep CJ-5.

50 Cent – He may have a wide range of car collection, but he also owns a less-costly Dodge Charger. It costs around $26,360.

Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts, Leonardo DiCaprio – have something in common. they are a fan of eco-friendly cars, or some prefer them “green cars”, which is the Toyota Prius. It won the Swiss government’s world’s greenest car. green cars are known for their lowest ownership costs, lowest operating costs, lowest fuel, and best retained value. It was chosen as 2007 Intellichoice awardee.

Goldie Hawn, Lebron James – both own a Mini Cooper.

Toby Keith – Ford F-150.