We have seen Miley Cyrus in her mom’s SUV, Porsche Cayenne GTS, so we’d also like to see what car she is driving. Oh, yes! I hear it, people! She’s still 15 and still not in legal age to drive one. But in this picture, she was seen promoting this convertible car:

Following in the footsteps of D-lister B-lister Tara Reid, Miley Cyrus is promoting the Smart Car. The difference is that I think the company is probably paying Miley to be photographed with their car, while Tara probably only showed up to a Smart Car event because they were the only place in town that would let her in.

The Smart Car was just recently introduced to the American market by car giants Mercedes Benz. The tiny two seater gets amazing gas mileage! Although Brad doubts they’ll catch on over on this side of the pond, in spite of their popularity in Europe, I say having Miley on their side can’t hurt.

She obviously ranks pretty high in terms of influence over teenage girls’ spending power. So the car may have been a gift from the company wanting to do a little self promotion, I’m not sure. Either way, whether Miley bought it herself or whether it was just a bit of swag sent to an up and coming superstar, somebody went to a lot of trouble to pimp this thing out!

The tiny vehicle (which Miley isn’t even old enough to drive yet) has Hollywood-style stars with a giant, glittery Miley: Girls Night Out scrawled across the drivers side door. What do you think? Will Miley be able to make this vehicle popular with new female drivers all across the country?